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How to Overcome Anxiety

Imagine not being afraid to go to the dentist. Imagine being able to accomplish all your dental care in as little as one appointment. This is what modern Dentistry can do for you. You'll be able to smile with confidence and chew your food without pain. If you've been putting off years of dental work, It’s about time to  change your life.

Some people have anxiety about seeing a dentist for the first time, or after a long period of abstaining. Unfounded fears about pain or other preconceived notions, even the characteristic smell of antiseptics or the sound of a dental drill remembered from younger days can contribute to this anxiety.

Here are some tips to help prepare you for the big day:

  • A few hours before your visit, refrain from drinking coffee,  or any other beverage that may make you jittery and nervous.

  • Eat foods high in protein, including cheese and eggs, because they can produce a calming effect on your body.

  • Don't rush getting dressed or driving to your appointment.

  • Get plenty of rest the night before, so you arrive calm and relaxed.

Tell our office if you are nervous or have anxiety so that a treatment plan can be designed specifically for you.


Sedation FAQ’s


Q: What are the Benefits?

A: It allows you to comfortably undergo everything from a simple cleaning to extensive concerns.

  • Allows more treatment to be provided in a shorter time, which could decrease total number of visits.

  • It enhances effectiveness of anesthetic.

  • It decreases gagging.

  • It decreases joint and muscle soreness.

Q: How does it work?
A: On the day of your appointment, you'll take medication - a pill, then a companion will take you to the office. Experienced clinical team members will make certain that you're relaxed and completely comfortable and they monitor you very closely while you're sedated. Many patients feel NO DISCOMFORT whatsoever during and after treatment, and have little or no memory of the visit.

Q: Is it safe
A: Oral Sedation protocols have been used safely for over 30 years with millions of dental procedures. Before starting any treatments, your doctor will review your medical history and explain how the pill can work for you.

Q: Will I feel any pain?
A: Most patients feel no discomfort whatsoever during their treatment and feel surprisingly good afterwards.

Q: Will I be groggy after my treatment is over?
A: You will feel just fine. For most patients, the effects last between 2-4 hours. Therefore, for your safety, we do require that you have a family member or friend drive you home.

Q: Will my insurance cover treatment?
A: We'll review your insurance coverage and, if necessary, make financial arrangements to insure you get the dental care you need.

Q: Who is a Candidate?
A: Adults who have…

  • high fear of visiting the dentist

  • had traumatic dental experiences

  • difficulty getting numb

  • a bad gag reflex

  • very sensitive teeth

  • limited time to complete their dental care

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